Leadership Opportunities

In the Middle Years, there is an opportunity for Year 9 students to serve as a College Ambassador. A College Ambassador is a student leader who is a good role model to other students across all areas of school life. This student is someone who consistently represents the College values and ethos both inside and outside the College.

The role of Year 9 College Ambassador is an important one, because the chosen person:

  • Must be a positive role model to their peers and younger students, showing respect for self, respect for others, and respect for the community.
  • Will be responsible and trustworthy, whilst upholding College values.
  • Will be selected to represent the College at events involving public speaking, addressing and welcoming visitors, attending public functions and assisting in College programs.
  • Will contribute to other expected duties as the year progresses.
  • Must present neatly and in the correct College uniform at all times.

Students wishing to be considered for the role of College Ambassador must complete an application form and submit a written statement outlining their suitability for the position. The applicants are then interviewed by the Head of the Middle Years and the Year 9 Coordinator.