Middle Years

About Middle Years

The Middle Years is more than just the middle – it is a key time in a student’s schooling. Between the ages of ten and fourteen, children grow and develop more rapidly than any other developmental stage during their educational life. At Good Shepherd, our Middle Years program is designed to cater for this time of developmental change.


The Middle Years are an exciting time for students as they start extending their learning and subject experiences by moving away from spending the majority of their school time with one teacher in one location.


At Good Shepherd we offer a range of sporting opportunities for students in the Middle Years; with the sports curriculum following the guidelines of the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

The Arts

Good Shepherd offers a variety of opportunities for Middle Years students to experience the many forms of the Arts – from visuals arts like drawing, painting and sculpture, through to drama, dance and music programs, both curricular and co-curricular.

Digital Technology

Technologies have been an integral part of society for as long as humans have had the desire to create solutions to improve their own and others’ quality of life. Technologies have an impact on people and societies by transforming, restoring and sustaining the world in which we live.

Camp Programs

Academic Support

Good Shepherd is a unique community of learners and our goal is to develop and foster every individual in our care.

Leadership Opportunities

In the Middle Years, there is an opportunity for Year 9 students to serve as a College Ambassador. A College Ambassador is a student leader who is a good role model to other students across all areas of school life. This student is someone who consistently represents the College values and ethos both inside and outside the College.