About Middle Years

The Middle Years is more than just the middle – it is a key time in a student’s schooling. Between the ages of ten and fourteen, children grow and develop more rapidly than any other developmental stage during their educational life. At Good Shepherd, our Middle Years program is designed to cater for this time of developmental change.

In Middle Years, students begin to experience and specialise in the Arts and Technology subject areas. Students undertake a variety of projects in Arts and Technology, enabling them to express themselves through a variety of mediums. These projects are designed with an inquiry approach to learning, which engages students in creative problem-solving techniques.

A variety of co-curricular programs are offered at Good Shepherd. Through these programs, students are challenged to engage in higher order thinking. Many Middle Years students embrace the opportunity to be involved in the College’s co-curricular activities, including Tournament of the Minds, academic competitions, robotics and the College musical.

"Our Pastoral Care program has many opportunities for students to engage with others. A key focus is on building relationships and developing key interpersonal skills for their future."

Through a Positive Education Model, students engage in activities that develop their understanding of what it means to live well and flourish. Through understanding the science of the brain, learning about positive emotions and taking time to be mindful, students connect with each other and themselves. House spirit is an integral part of Pastoral Care time, with many inter-house activities keeping the healthy competition alive in the everyday life of the College.