About Senior Years

The Senior Years at Good Shepherd are designed to empower students to realise their potential in a range of flexible and individualised pathways. Each student has the potential and capacity to enrich their work through the development of their gifts and abilities. We strive to tailor quality and authentic learning experiences to bring these gifts and abilities into fruition.

It is during their senior years that students take true ownership of their learning. The foundations and fundamental elements that have been nurtured and have flourished during the Junior and Middle Years, and the Senior Years are about students reaching out and taking control of their learning through positive risk taking and academic resilience. At Good Shepherd, we believe that an environment of high expectations and support allows students to develop the skills they need to navigate the changing nature of work, study and recreation in the twenty-first century.

"Students experience greater autonomy and choice in their learning pathways, from a diverse range of subject selections through to voluntary programs, such as the Headstart Program, engaging in tertiary study or a school-based traineeship program."

A relevant and rigorous senior education program does not shy away from the world that awaits past the doors of the classroom; instead, the Senior Years are about inviting the world inside and finding connections and experiences that properly prepare students for life beyond the College.

Students can expect to have conversations about their learning with their Senior Years teachers that are based on reflection, feedback and continuous improvement. This invites a new way of thinking about learning; no longer is it something passive, or something that occurs subconsciously. Instead, learning in the Senior Years takes on an active spirit and invites students to develop an understanding of lifelong learning, grounded in twenty-first century skills that are responsive, flexible and continuous.

We hope that students graduate from Good Shepherd with not only their relevant qualifications, but with a thirst for learning that will enrich their lives in whichever pathway they choose.