The Arts

Good Shepherd offers a variety of opportunities for Junior Years students to experience the many forms of the Arts – from visual arts including drawing, painting and sculpture, through to drama, dance and music programs, both curricular and co-curricular.

Visual Art

Through the curriculum, students in the Junior Years explore, experiment and develop skills and techniques using a range of materials and media. Students develop their own individual concepts in painting, drawing, mixed media, printmaking, clay and sculpture.

As part of co-curricular studies, students exhibit their work in the College’s art gallery as well as the art classrooms. There are also opportunities for students to participate in art activities and events during Art Attack Week and Arts Fest Week.

Art workshops, demonstrations and master classes are also conducted through an Artist in Residence Program, and students also have the opportunity to enter art competitions.


Each year the College holds a major musical production, alternating between Years 4 to 7 one year and Years 8 to 12 the following year. These large-scale productions offer a range of opportunities for students interested in acting, dance, drama, and backstage roles such as costumes, make-up, set production and lighting.


Aside from the opportunity to participate in the musical every other year, students in Years 3 to 6 can join the College’s Junior Dance Troupe, one of the extra-curricular activities available at Good Shepherd.


Music is integrated into learning at Good Shepherd, with instrumental skills taught by a specialist music teacher each week for Years 1 - 5. In addition, every Year 4 student is given a band or string instrument which they learn in a full year program, with many performance opportunities along the way.

The College also offers a private music tuition program for students from Prep to Year 5. Students work with specialist music tutors to continue their music training during school time, and have the opportunity to participate in music competitions including Eisteddfods. To enrol for instrumental music tuition please complete the on line form which can be found under 'Student Life', 'Co-Curricular All Years' then 'The Arts'.

There are also many extra-curricular music opportunities including:

  • Award winning strings program (Prep – Year 5)
  • Band Camp (Years 5 -12)
  • Instrumental Tuition available (Prep– Year 12) - to enrol for instrumental music tuition please complete the on line form under 'Co-Curricular All Years'
  • Ensembles – Junior Choir, Little Fiddlers, Junior String Ensemble, Maroon Band, 5 / 6 Band, Guitar Ensemble, Clarineteers, Movie Music (Band & Strings), String and Wind quartets and trios