Waterpolo continues to be a very popular extra-curricular option for Good Shepherd students. Waterpolo is a competitive team sport played in the water between two teams. The game consists of four quarters in which the two teams attempt to score goals by throwing the ball into the opposing team’s goal. Waterpolo is played in a deep pool and players cannot touch the bottom. The sport combines speed, strength and teamwork and a high level of fitness.

Coaching /Player Development

Good Shepherd has built a reputation of being a leading school on the Coast in waterpolo. The strength of the sport within the community continues to grow with approximately 100 students at Good Shepherd playing this exciting game across age groups from Year 4 - 12 each year.

The introduction to waterpolo at Good Shepherd is provided through our Junior Years HPE and SCISSA programs. These programs lead interested students on to playing for the College in the annual Sunshine Coast Schools Waterpolo competition. With over 90 teams entered across 16 divisions in this competition, it has grown into a highly reputable competition of an extremely high standard. Waterpolo is also one of the sports considered each year for the annual Good Shepherd sports camp.

Coaching is provided on a weekly basis for players during the waterpolo season, beginning in Term 2 each year. The current coaches for Good Shepherd waterpolo are Mr Glenn Connors, Ms Meagan Oakley, Mr Craig Moore and Ms Yolanda Brady, all having extensive knowledge and experience of the game.

Senior students are provided the opportunity to be selected into open teams at District, Regional and State level.

In addition, the College has a close affiliation with Noosa Waterpolo and Sunshine Coast Waterpolo, who provide opportunities for younger players eager to increase their skill base and fitness level outside of the College waterpolo program. Players are encouraged to join these associations that provide extra opportunities to play at Regional and State level for age groups, 12 year old to 16 year old, with many students going on to represent the Independent District and Sunshine Coast from these avenues of opportunity.

2019 highlights

Ten Good Shepherd teams played in the Sunshine Coast Schools Waterpolo competition on Monday nights during Term 3 and 4, and as a result, have become one of the leading schools in the competition. Nine of the ten teams entered in the 2019 Competition made the semi-final playoffs. Three teams progressed to the Grand Final.

The Intermediate Girls A team was attempting to defend its 2018 title and entered into the grand final undefeated. The Junior Boys A team were also undefeated and looking to win their first Premiership.

RESULTS: Junior Boys A – Gold, Intermediate Girls A – Gold,
The Open Girls Firsts team, currently have three silver medals from previous years and were hoping to change the colour this year to gold but have added another silver to the collection.

Competitions 2020

SCISSAThursdayWeekly team training during Thursday sport time.
Competition – Gala days, friendlies against other SCISSA schools.
Term 3 and 4
Year 4 – Year 6
Sunshine Coast Schools Waterpolo Competition MondayTerm 3 and 4
Boys and girls teams selected at Good Shepherd trials.
Held at various Sunshine Coast pool venues. Games from 4.00pm – 8.00pm
Transport to away games usually provided.
  Junior teams Yr 6/7/8,
Intermediate teams Yr 9/10,
Senior teams Yr 11/12
A and B divisions across all age groups.

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