Volleyball has been one of the fastest growing school sports across Queensland in recent years. At GSLC we have seen a surge in the number of students wanting to play Volleyball across all age groups. All our games are played indoors avoiding the sun and rain. Rules and court size are modified for younger students to ensure success in what is a technically demanding sport.

Coaching /Player Development

Students from Years 4 – 12 have the opportunity to play competitive volleyball for the College. It is a core sport for boys and girls in the SCISSA competition that runs on Thursday afternoons for Tears 4-6 and Wednesday afternoons for Years 7-12. The College is fortunate to have three experienced coaches on staff who oversee the development of teams and players - Mr Telleman, Miss Oakley and Mr Moorē - all who have coached teams at State Championships. Students from Years 8 - 12 have the opportunity to attend the State Championships in Toowoomba or the Gold Coast each year. Matthew Young, Australian player and professional player/ coach, has been our guest coach at Sports Camp and has run coaching clinics for teams leading into State Championships. Teams from Years 8 – 12 can also play in the Trish Buckley Shield, which is a school based competition involving the best volleyball schools on the Sunshine Coast.


This has been our most successful year in terms of participation and achievement. Many players were selected to represent the District with Carlos Vanslow-Neto and Justin Coglan being selected into Sunshine Coast Regional Teams.
Senior State Championships – Boys 3rd Div 1 (7th in Qld)
Trish Buckley Shield Senior Boys – runners up & Year 10 Boys - 3rd
SCISSA - Senior Boys - Premiers, Intermediate A Boys – runners up, Junior A Boys – runners up, Intermediate A Girls – runners up, Senior B Girls – runners up

Competitions 2020

SCISSAWednesdayPlayed home and away. Games at 4.00pm and 4.45pm
Various schools across the coast.
Transport to away games provided.
Boys and girls teams.
Term 1
Years 7/8, 9/10
Term 2
Years 11/12
  Years 7/8, 9/10, 11/12
Trish Buckley Shield Friday nightsTerm 2
State Championships Years 11/12 –Gold Coast, Term 3
Years 9/10- Toowoomba, Term 2
Years 7/8 – Gold Coast, Term 4

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