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Mission Statement


Good Shepherd Lutheran College exists to provide quality Christian education in a caring environment.


College and Parish


Our College is part of the ministry of The Lutheran Church in Queensland and has strong ties to the Noosa Lutheran Parish. Through it we wish to show the people of this area a glimpse of God's amazing love for them. The Good Shepherd Lutheran Congregation worships each Sunday in its hall and its Pastor is involved in the school. You are welcome to call on the resources of the congregation at any time.


Lutheran Church


The Lutheran Church believes that through faith a person is brought into a living relationship with Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit establishes this grace relationship of love and forgiveness through God’s Word.

The Lutheran Church is a mainstream Christian Church first established in Northern Europe at the time of the Reformation in the 16th Century. In Australia recent discussions have occurred between Lutheran, Anglican, Catholic and Uniting Churches, the result being significant understanding, some agreement and inter-denominational cooperation with and between these churches.

Christian teaching and worship are central to the functions of all Lutheran Schools. More information about what Lutherans believe is available on request from the Registrar. The Chaplain will also be happy to discuss with you any further questions or concerns you may have.


The College Badge


Jesus said. “I am the good shepherd…and I lay down my life for the sheep” (John
10:14-15). At the very centre of our College is Jesus, The Good Shepherd. The
good news of Jesus’ love and acceptance of us, his straying sheep, comes to us
through the Bible. The shepherd’s crook reminds us of Jesus’ promise to always
be with us, guiding, comforting and protecting us as we ‘follow’ him. No matter
what happens in life, we remain in the circle of his love and care.


History and Development


The College is situated on 4.6 hectares (11 acres) which was once the site of the Noosa Drive-In. In addition, the College has a licence to use oval space adjacent to its property. The College commenced its operations in 1985, using a temporary demountable building which was constructed through the generous support of local members of the Lutheran Congregation and the Lutheran Church of Australia.

The Primary School was opened on the 28th January, 1986 with an enrolment of 66 students. In 1992, the Primary School was handed over by the Parish to the Lutheran Church of Australia, Queensland District which opened Good Shepherd Lutheran College, offering classes from Year 1 to Year 8. In 1996 classes were offered from Prep to Year 12 for the first time.

An agreement was reached between the College and the Noosa Council in 2002 which provided for the acquisition of 1.1ha of additional land, on which a gymnasium, extra classrooms and a swimming pool are now located.


College Council


The College Principal oversees the general day-to-day running of the College. A College Council of up to ten people, appointed by the Lutheran Church, oversees the College program, building development and College policy.


Teaching Staff


All teachers of the College are registered in the State of Queensland as qualified teachers. Many of our staff are also approved or accredited in accordance with the requirements of the Lutheran Church of Australia.




The College was granted approved status as an accredited Primary School with the Department of Education by the Minister for Education in 1986, and as a registered Secondary School in 1992. The College is also registered as a provider of the Junior Secondary School Program (Year 10) and the Senior Secondary School Program for Overseas Students.




The State and Commonwealth Governments provide per capita grants and the balance for recurrent expenditure is provided by the parents in the form of College fees.

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