At Good Shepherd we offer a range of sporting opportunities for students in the Senior Years; with the sports curriculum following the guidelines of the Australian National Curriculum for Health and Physical Education.

Curricular Sport

At Good Shepherd Sports becomes an elective in Years 11 and 12, however, up until Year 10 students participate in six sport lessons a week as a part of the curriculum. All Senior Years students participate in Friday Afternoon Sports regardless of whether they do Sports as an elective.

Co-curricular Sport

At Good Shepherd students in Senior Years participate in school sports carnivals for swimming, cross-country and athletics carnivals as a part of their House Group. From these carnivals, depending on their placement at school level, students can go on to be selected to compete in carnivals in swimming cross-country and athletics representing their district, region or state through Qld School Sports. In addition, the College offers the opportunity for students to trial for representation in Qld School Sports for a variety of sports including (but not limited to) netball, soccer, rugby, AFL, basketball, touch etc. For a complete list of sports trials and dates please contact the Sports Department.

Visit Independent District Trials Information

Independent District

Good Shepherd is a member of the Independent District as part of the Sunshine Coast Schools Sport Region and encompasses two age group competitions, 10-12 years and 13-19 years. Selection in the Independent District team is the first step in students progressing through the Queensland School Sport representative program to Region, State and National levels.

butterfly swim


Basketball continues to be a popular extracurricular choice for students. In recent years, teams have travelled to Singapore and USA to compete in international tournaments.

basketball one on one


GSLC have both boys and girls teams and play at various cricket fields on the coast. The home field is Tewantin Noosa Cricket Club.


Cross Country / Athletics

GSLC students achieve fantastic results in the district cross country and athletics carnivals due to their dedication in training. With two coaches present each week, our cross country runners have their training tailored based on ability and experience.

athletics running


GSLC has a very talented group of dedicated riders who compete in various competitions. The three day Fraser Coast Competition is a highlight of the year for all riders.

equestrian horse jump


Netball is offered to all Middle Years students. They are able to participate at the Noosa/Tewantin Netball Association Competition on Saturday mornings, as well as the Sunshine Coast Secondary Schools Netball Competition on Monday evenings. There are various competitions and carnivals throughout the year.


Rugby Union

Boys and girls teams complete in the Sunshine Coast Schools Rugby Union as well as a 7's competition and tournaments across the coast.



The Sunshine Coast Independent Schools Sports Association was established in 2003 and provides a high quality inter-school sporting competition reflecting the values of Independent Schools on the Sunshine Coast.


Touch Football

Touch continues to be a popular extra-curricular option for GSLC junior students who compete in Tewantin on Wednesday afternoons. GSLC senior teams participate in the Monday night mixed adult competition at Tewantin, and are one of the top teams in the competition.

touch football


A hugely popular sport choice for our young up and coming athletes. In 2018, there were more than 50 entrants from GSLC in the triathlon and a strong team of 10 in the Aquathlon who successfully won the all schools trophy.



Both boys and girls volleyball teams compete against various schools across the coast as part of SCISSA. Games are held on Wednesday afternoons. There is also opportunity to play in the State championships.

sports team


Waterpolo continues to be a very popular extra-curricular option at Good Shepherd. In 2018, five teams made it to their Grand final. We completed the season with 2 premierships and 3 runner-up places - a fantastic achievement.

waterpolo game