Leadership Opportunities

At Good Shepherd, we believe that leadership is an important attribute of every student. Our core values of respect, care, inclusiveness, quality and service nurture positive leadership qualities in every student.

"In the Senior Years, there are many opportunities to help students develop leadership skills and attributes. These include tailored workshops run by outside organisations, camps, and committees that students can elect to join, such as the Formal Committee and Senior Jacket Committee."

These various opportunities aim to foster our students’ concept of self-leadership, as well as to help them understand the importance of teamwork and being a positive influence on others through their actions and words.

Students are invited to join Senior Leader Groups in Year 12, which are responsible for planning and implementing projects to enhance the community. These include the Academic Group, Community Group, Cultural Group, Environmental Group, Media Group, Spiritual Group and Sport Group.

There are also a number of formal leadership positions available to Year 12 students, including:

  • College Captains
  • Spiritual Life Captains
  • Cultural Captains
  • Sport Captains
  • House Captains