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Welcome to our College’s Parents and Friends Association

The Parents and Friends Association (P & F) plays an important role at Good Shepherd Lutheran College; making a significant contribution to the College as a whole.

The P&F's aim is to nurture a sense of community and create a supportive and happy environment for all our families, as well as undertake fundraising for the College to fund extra equipment, resources and facilities for our children.

Aims and Objectives

Under the Constitution the aims and objectives of the P&F Association are:

• Advance the interests and development of the College;
• Foster cooperation and communication between parents, teachers, students and other stakeholders for the wellbeing of the College; and
• Provide, or assist, in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the wellbeing and advancement of the College.

Our Aims and Objectives are fostered in various ways.
• Our P&F Association is in regular contact with the College’s Principal and the Deputy Principal;
• Monthly meetings are held at the College and are open to all within the College community who wish to attend; and
• College fundraisers include the P -5 Discos, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day stalls and other social events throughout the year.

Events are advertised in the College's fortnightly newsletter, the Shepherd's Pie, through class newsletters and notice boards around the College as well as the College website. All families enrolled at the College should automatically receive a copy of the Shepherd’s Pie via their nominated email address. If you are not receiving your copy please contact the College’s Main Admin on 07 5455 8600. Alternatively, you can also access the Shepherd's Pie by going to the News and Events section of the College website, however, you will need to contact Main Admin for the password. The password is only provided to parents/guardians of students at the College.

P&F Funding

The P&F Association has been pleased to assist the College and its students by funding a number of ‘Wish List’ items in 2016 totalling more than $100k:

· Air-conditioning of classrooms in Junior Years
· Upgrade of 3-6 Playground
· HPE Centre staging - additional lighting and curtain grid plus curtaining
· IT- additional EV3 (Lego) robots, 3D/Virtual Reality Goggles
· Music - music stands, Drums for Junior Music
· Sport - AFL Year 4-6 sports uniforms
· Prep play resources

  Wishlist 2019

Meetings and How to Contact Us

We are a friendly team who meet the second Wednesday of the month at 6.30pm in the school library. We enthusiastically welcome new ideas and new members. The P&F is a great way for you to get involved in school life, meet some great people and help make our environment even richer. If you would like to be a part of something so worthwhile please come along to a meeting. You can find the dates on our College calendar or, alternatively, feel free to contact us via the following email:

Email: pf.president@gslc.qld.edu.au

Thank you and welcome to Good Shepherd.


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