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Fee Schedule


The below link details the current fees and charges payable when your child is a student of Good Shepherd Lutheran College.

Please click on following link

  2020 Fee Schedule

Please be aware that domestic fees will increase each year in line with increases in the cost of education and improvements in College Facilities. The fee schedules displayed above are only applicable to the current year.
The fee increases referred to above will be applicable to future fee schedules to be published at this location and will apply regardless of whether or not parents have received notification of such increases (notwithstanding the reason for this).

Payment of Fees
Prefer to pay by BPay
The College accepts payment by BPay. The biller code and the reference number can be found on your fee statement in the top right hand corner.

Prefer to pay by cheque
We accept payment by cheque from Australian banks. Cheques should be made out to Good Shepherd Lutheran College and can be mailed to:

Family Accounts
Good Shepherd Lutheran College
PO Box 1288

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