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Student Care - General


One of the chief words in our mission statement is the word “caring”. This is in
keeping with our strong commitment to Christian values and beliefs. Every student
in our College is regarded as precious, to their parents, to the staff of the school,
and to God. Our pastoral care system within the College reflects these core
concerns. In one sense the entire College programme is part of pastoral care, or
looking after the needs of students. There are, however, some structures which we
employ for the more specific “shepherding” that takes place at our College.

Within our College we have three sub-section student coordinators:
Junior Years (P-5); Middle Years (6-9); and Senior Years (10-12) - who assist with
student welfare and behaviour management. The Head of Junior, Campus Administrator, College Chaplain, College Counsellor


Student Care Prep - Year 6


The class teacher is the main person concerned for monitoring the social, emotional
and spiritual needs of the students in their class. Teachers communicate openly with
parents through class newsletters, email and via phone as needed. Reports at the
end of the year are generated at this level and parents should feel free, at suitable
times, to approach or contact their children’s teachers about any issue concerning
their welfare and growth.


Student Care Year 7 - 12


Pastoral care in these year levels aims to encourage students to care for each other
and for staff to support students on welfare related matters.

One aspect of this is the regular sessions each week spent in pastoral care groups,
during which students engage in a range of activities geared towards enhancing
their personal development. Such activities include devotions, study and homework
program, drug and alcohol education, bullying and harassment topics, as well as
group thinking games and some inter-house competitions. In addition to the PC
sessions, one morning session is spent in Chapel and one morning is Assembly.

Our pastoral care structure places students into what is known as vertical care
groups - at Years 8/9 and Years 10-12 - based on College House membership.
The intention is for students to remain in the same care group for the duration of
their schooling at GSLC, progressing each year to the next within the same group.

We have a vertical care system for a wide variety of reasons:
• the opportunity for new students to be helped by older students in their care
group, to make a smooth transition into GSLC
• increased opportunity for students and their families to build long term
relationships with their care group staff
• positive role modelling by older students in relation to care, leadership,
approach to school and study
• the opportunity for students to develop and utilise leadership skills within their
group as they become more senior students.

Parents are encouraged to make contact with their student’s Pastoral Care Teacher
or House Leader to discuss any student welfare related concerns.

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