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Robotics is a fun and exciting way for students to work in a co-operative and supportive learning environment, which helps in the development of teamwork and technical skills to solve a range of challenges. Such challenges are based on the world of autonomy and mechatronics.
GSLC are privileged to be hosting the Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition, the Noosaville Regional FIRST LEGO League (FLL).and FIRST LEGO League Junior.

Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition (SCRC)
Schools from across Australia are invited participate in the 2019 Sunshine Coast Robotics Competition (SCRC) with the aim of allowing students to explore Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a friendly competitive environment.

Teams can compete in any combination of the following categories:

· On Stage ( formerly known as dance)
· Rescue Line
· Sumo

Depending on the category your team chooses, the aim is to either design a robot that can complete a performance routine, undertake a rescue scenario, or sumo wrestle another robot out of the ring!br>

These competitions are modelled from Robocup Australia and follow the same rules using the same equipment. For further information on any of the competition visit
Click here

Rules for each competition have been included below for you convenience.

On Stage

Rescue Line


For extra resources including build plans for field elements and programming tips please follow this link Click here

For registrations Please click here

FIRST LEGO League Jr and FIRST LEGO League

Any questions, please email Mr Ricky Sinclair Head of IT Curriculum and Innovation sinclairr@gslc.qld.edu.au

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