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Middle Years - 6 - 9 Years


Good Shepherd Lutheran College Middle Years program, comprising Years 6 - 9.

During these years, young people go through rapid and profound personal changes. To meet the unique challenges of teaching students in early adolescence, GSLC has recognized that good academic progress can be very dependent on a young person’s social and emotional needs being met.

Good Shepherd’s response is to acknowledge this distinct group of students who have characteristics different from those of younger children and the emerging adults of late adolescence. GSLC has designed and established a schooling structure to cater specifically for the needs of these young adolescents - in our Middle Years program.

Our Middle Years offers a comprehensive approach to education that recognizes the uniqueness of the early adolescent years, while simultaneously providing the benefits of continuity across our entire P-12 campus.

In partnership with parents and families, our Middle Years program aims to assist young adolescents to develop the values, principles and self-understanding with which they may build community-oriented and meaningful lives.

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