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GSLC will provide parents with helpful information to support their children and teenagers to have a more fulfilling life at school.
Please do not hesitate to contact the College Counsellor, Marg Hall on 54558600 if you require any further information.

Below are some links to valuable resources for Parenting

Click here for parenting Ideas Magazine
Click here for parenting safety in a digital environment

A link our resources pages are below
  What rules should you have around digital devices
  Moving beyond how was your school day with adolescents
  Developing independence in secondary school
  Mental health for teenagers
  Rules around ditigial devices
  Helping kids change perspectives when things go wrong
  10 ways to promote good mental heatlh and wellbeing in teens
  10 ways to promote mental health and wellbeing for kids primary
  four priorities for 2017
  Don't threaten bribe or deal - Breathe & act
  Digital Social Skills
  Earning the right
  Teach kids to problem solve
  Worrier to warrier
  Raising well behaved kids - 3 week Online parenting Course by Michael Grose
  Teasing V Bullying
  the trick at being at your parenting best
  INSIGHTS -manage like a cat nurture like a dog
  INSIGHTS - what to say when kids are anxious
  15 Healthy ways to manage emotions
  Don’t be daft about mindcraft
  Cyber saftey websites and resources
  What is Problematic Internet Use
  Online Grooming
  Internet Safety Tips for Teachers Parents and Caregivers
  Signs of a child being cyber bullied
  Healthy Ways for kids to manage their emotions
  What Bullying isnt and what do when it happens
  Is your yeenager sleep deprived
  Teaching kids to Persist
  Be Careful what you wish for
  Oh, so serious!
  Teen Sleep Deprivation And The Effect Of Blue Light
  Helping Kids Leapfrog their difficulties with these 5 ideas
  Helping Kids Who Struggle at School
  Reading Your Child's Report
  Why Praise Can Be a Double-edged Sword
  INSIGHT - Parenting teanage daredevils
  INSIGHT - Who empties your dishwasher
  INSIGHTS - Don’t be daft about minecraft
  INSIGHTS -How to talk with your child about Funerals
  INSIGHTS - Making childrens birthdays special
  INSIGHTS - The step parenting ride of your life
  INSIGHTS -The Language of Resilient Families
  INSIGHTS - Two Homes
  INSIGHTS - Get a grip on worry warts
  INSIGHTS - Good girl interrupted
  INSIGHTS - Resiliency Robbers
  INSIGHTS - The art of sparenting
  INSIGHTS - What Bullying Isn't
  INSIGHTS- Teachable moments
  INSIGHTS - Mothering not Parenting
  INSIGHTS - Education needed on Sexting
  INSIGHTS - 10 ways to promote good mental health
  INSIGHTS - Help Kids Face Their Fears
  INSIGHTS - Starting secondary school
  INSIGHTS - The Pressures of being a teen
  INSIGHTS - Thank Goodness for Christmas
  INSIGHTS - Active Kids
  INSIGHTS -Overcoming teen girl anxiety.
  INSIGHTS - When you are 12.
  INSIGHTS - How much should parents push kids.
  INSIGHTS - Friendship skills.
  INSIGHTS - Free range parenting.
  INSIGHTS - Sleeping Beauties.
  INSIGHTS -Resiliency Robbers.
  INSIGHTS- When kids catastrophise
  INSIGHTS - Mind their - -@! Language
  INSIGHTS - Go visual to manage kids
  INSIGHTS - Building Up Frequent Father Points
  INSIGHTS - Raising mighty boys
  INSIGHTS -Sleep Deprived
  INSIGHTS -Easing childrens anxiety
  INSIGHTS-When Not To worry
  INSIGHTS -Teen Tantrums
  INSIGHTS - Its not okay to be away
  INSIGHTS - Helping Shrinking Violets Bloom
  INSIGHTS-Teach Children to persist
  INSIGHTS - Develop Independence

  Building Resilience Part 1
  Helping your children with exams
  INSIGHTS -Why consistency improves kids

Recommended website for parents with children from 2-12 year olds.
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