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After school help


Homework Help
Where: 4R Classroom
When: Tuesday 3.00pm - 3.45pm
Who: Year 2 - 6 students

Maths Help
Where: 6H Classroom
When: Wednesday 3.00pm - 4.00pm
Who: Years 4 - 6 students
An opportunity for students to complete further math work and have one on one time with the Year 6 teachers.


Learning Support


Good Shepherd Lutheran College is a unique community of learners whose goal is to develop and foster every individual in its care, within the means of our resources.

Primary Learning Enrichment encompasses two fields: Learning Support, and Gifted and Talented education. The Primary Learning Enrichment Department personnel include:
• The Coordinator of Primary Learning Support
• The Reading Recovery Teacher
• The Coordinator of Gifted and Talented Education
• Learning Support Teacher Aides


Additional Support


Students who may benefit from a Learning Support programme are identified through systematic assessment of core skills and in consultation with Classroom Teachers. The placement of students in Learning Support programmes is reviewed regularly to ensure that students exit support programmes and return to the regular classroom programmes as soon as they are ready to do so. We strive to empower our students by facilitating their belief and understanding that they can take control and responsibility for their own academic learning outcomes. By their own efforts they can make a difference.

Additional academic learning support is provided for students in a range of ways and can include:
• Implementation of classroom strategies and modification of classroom work tasks to meet the needs of individual students. This is achieved through consultation and collaboration between the Learning Support Teacher and the Classroom Teacher
• Parent partnerships, to provide the homework support, including extra daily skills practice that many students with additional academic learning needs require
• Teacher Aide support within the classroom
• One-to-one and small group withdrawal support programmes.

For more information, please contact the College.


Gifted and Talented


At Good Shepherd Lutheran College, we are committed to providing a quality education. Students are encouraged to achieve the highest standards of learning possible. Teachers at our College recognise that gifted children do things...
• a little earlier
• a little faster
• a little better
• a little differently. (Ginsberg, 1984)
To best meet the needs of gifted and talented students in the Primary Section of Good Shepherd Lutheran College, Primary teachers incorporate a differentiated curriculum. To assist with this, we have adopted a policy in the explicit teaching of deep and complex thinking skills in every year level. This enables students to engage in a wide range of analytical, critical and creative thinking tasks.
Year Level   Thinking Strategy
Prep   Y Chart
1   6 Thinking Hats
2   Extended Brainstorming
3   Questioning Techniques
4   Thinker''s Keys
5   Graphic Organisers
6   Bloom’s Taxonomy
7   Creative Problem Solving

Differentiation programmes include enrichment and extension activities. Enrichment refers to the broadening of the curriculum to develop knowledge, application, thinking skills and attitudes. A variety of Enrichment programmes are offered in the Primary Section of our College.
• Complex Thinking Skills
• Primary Musical
• Netball, Rugby, Water polo
• Debating
• Gifted and Talented activities at lunchtime
• Instrumental Programme
• Opti-minds
• Writers on the Coast
• Think Fest
• Arts Fest
• Class camps/excursions

Differentiation programmes include enrichment and extension activities. Extension refers to the deepening of students’ knowledge, understanding and skills. A variety of Extension programmes are offered in the Primary Section of our College.
• Math Pathways
• Gifted and Talented camp (Camp Buranga)
• Gifted and Talented workshop (TAG)
• Negotiated curriculum
• Lexile Reading Programme
• Success Maker
• Reader’s Cup
• Ozspell
• Future Problem Solving
• Leadership Programme.

At Good Shepherd Lutheran College we acknowledge the importance of supporting our gifted and talented students and have staff that can assist you with additional information.
Mrs Iris Hall - Deputy Principal
Mrs Sandy Hardy - Yrs 6 - 9 Curriculum Coordinator and Facilitator Gifted and Talented Education
Phone: 07 5455 8600
Fax: 07 5449 8086

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