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The College operates a Textbook Hire system for nearly all of the textbooks required by students in years 8 to 12. As the College’s fees are “bundled” there is no separate charge for participation in this scheme, which is subsidised by the State Government's Textbook and Resource Allowance Scheme.

While parents have the option of receiving the allowance directly from the State Government, taking up this option would prove to be more expensive to those parents as they would be obliged to purchase many hundreds of dollars worth of books each year (for example, for each Year 11 student in 2010, the College receives $225 per year. The value of books hired to the average year 11 student, however, is in excess of $400 and this does not take into account the provision of other resources such as food for home economics, materials for Design Technology projects or art supplies incorporated into student works).

For more information about the way the College operates it’s Textbook Hire Scheme, please contact the Business Office.

For more information on the State Government’s Textbook and Resource Allowance, please go to their website:
click here

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