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"The best Prep teachers in the universe!"
Letter to Prep Staff
I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for all you have done for our son during his Prep year. God has used you both in so many ways to bless him and therefore blessing my husband and I. It has been so great to know that he is always well cared for (as well as knowing he has been able to get the odd cuddle or two when he needed one!) and loved while at school. You have both gone to so much trouble, planning and preparing so many wonderful events throughout the year (too many great things to list them all!) that have made his year so special and so much fun.

We are truly blessed to have had you both as his prep teachers. Thank you both so much, from a mother’s heart! I nearly had a few tears at the Year 1 presentation the other day, knowing that he is at such a great school, where God is such an integral part of the school day.

My son has just come in and I have read him the letter and asked if he would like to say anything? He says, "thank you for cuddles and thank you for being the best teachers in the universe!"

Transition To A New School
We arrived in Noosa in January 2005 with two teary eyed teenaged daughters, devastated to be leaving their family, friends and schools in Sydney.

By the end of their first term at Good Shepherd Lutheran College, they didn’t even want to return to Sydney for a visit!

This is a testament to the outstanding care and commitment of the staff at GSLC at every level. They went to great lengths always to ensure our daughters fitted in and were comfortable and settled right from the start. From 'day one' at GSLC they never looked back and the pastoral and educational care has gone from strength to strength ever since.

Long Standing Association With GSLC
Our family has been associated with Good Shepherd Lutheran College for nearly 10 years. In that time I have seen the school thrive in many positive ways - new buildings, beautiful grounds, new uniform, restructuring of curriculum etc.

I see one of the most valuable experiences for students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College being their time at Googa in Year 10. I recall both my children saying that, "Googa was the best experience of my life". They felt that leaving the security of home and living with a group of 35 other people 24/7 was an invaluable experience. They both believe that the valuable lessons they learnt about people and life will stay with them forever.

I recall my son saying that from his experiences at Googa he learnt to be assertive without being aggressive and to acknowledge what other people say and examine the similarities of their views and his. My daughter said her experiences helped her develop the ability to recognise criticism and become more aware of how to present her views about something as an alternative rather than the correct idea.

Combined Primary And Secondary Campus
Our children are currently enrolled one in each Primary and the Secondary sections of the College and have been students at Good Shepherd Lutheran College since PreSchool. They have both grown into happy, confident young people who are eagerly looking forward to their future years at Good Shepherd. Our thanks and praise are extended to all the dedicated, caring, professional staff at Good Shepherd Lutheran College.

"Happy to go to school each day."
Our eldest son commenced Prep at Good Shepherd Lutheran College 3 years ago and was followed by his brother this year. Our son has had a wonderful start to his schooling - we couldn't be happier with his truly fantastic teachers, they really went beyond what was expected. We cannot speak more highly of the dedicated teaching staff. We have always found the teachers approachable and will answer any questions - they have even come in early in their own time to give extra tuition!

Our son has always been very happy to go to school, which for us, is the biggest battle won. Parent help is happily encouraged and the school run special courses to teach parents the skills to help with reading at school and home.

The facilities are also fantastic - with a new pool and sports hall completed recently students no longer need to leave the grounds to access these facilities. All activities from sports days, Shepherd’s Fair, camps, social events and school concerts are very well organised and there is always a real feel of community between students and parents.

Staff Who Really Care
Letter to Head of Primary
I just wanted to let you know how grateful I am of your staff that have been so wonderfully helpful and supportive. My daughter is in Year 2, and was recommended for the Support a Reader program by her teacher early in Term 2, she has since graduated from this program a few weeks ago. I am very proud to have my daughter attend such a wonderfully supportive school with caring teachers, who have given my daughter the confidence to build her reading skills. I have noticed such great improvement with her reading and credit your staff, especially the Primary Learning Enrichment and Year 2 teachers who have given their time to help her build her skills.

I believe Good Shepherd Lutheran College goes above and beyond to make sure all students are achieving and it is a privilege to have my daughter attend this school.

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