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Shepherd's Fair 2019





With preparations in full swing, we would like to ask for your support with the following four donations drives:

Chocolate Drop

Week 4 (w/c Monday 13 May)
Chocolate Drive -the Chocolate Drop is one of the most popular stalls however we need more blocks to have it run longer. Any flavour is welcome.

Crazy Jars

Week 6 (w/c Monday 27 May) Crazy Jars -also an extremely popular stall that runs out of jars too soon. We are seeking ingredients for crazy jars....beads, hair clips, pens, figurines, beauty products, toy cars.

Hoop the Bottle

Week 7 (w/c Monday 3 June) Hoop the Bottle -an absolute favourite with the kids....Bottles of 1.25tl soft drink, any flavours.

Market Place

Week 8 (w/c Monday 10 June) Market Place -potted plants & herbs, home-made jams, chutney, candles, produce.

Donated goods can be dropped off at the Main Admin Office.
These four stalls are extremely popular and as such require considerable amounts of stock to avoid having to close early. We would hugely appreciate any support you can give us in keeping these hot-spots running longer.

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