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With preparations in full swing, we would like to ask for your support with the following four donations drives:

Chocolate Drop

Week 4 (w/c Monday 13 May)
Chocolate Drive -the Chocolate Drop is one of the most popular stalls however we need more blocks to have it run longer. Any flavour is welcome.

Crazy Jars

Week 6 (w/c Monday 27 May) Crazy Jars -also an extremely popular stall that runs out of jars too soon. We are seeking ingredients for crazy jars....beads, hair clips, pens, figurines, beauty products, toy cars.

Hoop the Bottle

Week 7 (w/c Monday 3 June) Hoop the Bottle -an absolute favourite with the kids....Bottles of 1.25tl soft drink, any flavours.

Market Place

Week 8 (w/c Monday 10 June) Market Place -potted plants & herbs, home-made jams, chutney, candles, produce.

Donated goods can be dropped off at the Main Admin Office.
These four stalls are extremely popular and as such require considerable amounts of stock to avoid having to close early. We would hugely appreciate any support you can give us in keeping these hot-spots running longer.

This week’s Donation Drive is for all things Crazy Jars…….Jars can be second-hand as long as they are clean and have no label. They can be a range of sizes and shapes, and while you can leave them bare, they look extra nice when all the lids are covered with a matching cloth cover.
Suggestions for Crazy Jars:
New / Pre-loved toys eg Lego, marbles, costume jewellery, matchbox cars, dinosaurs, farm animals, temporary tattoos, Shopkins etc, assorted goodies you get in party bags DIY (include recipe/instructions in a small snap-lock bag folded at the top of the jar), non-perishable ingredients for slime, ingredients for cookies and brownies, ingredients for playdough, items to make pet rocks (smooth pebbles, paint, googly eyes etc).
If you don’t have any jars on hand feel free to donate the contents of a few jars and we can put them together. Jars and/or contents can be dropped to either Admin Offices.

Country Market Place
One of the most popular locations on the day. Please let us know if you are able to:
Fresh flowers, fruit, herbs, vegetables, succulents, soil, pots, reusable Boomerang bags, butchers paper, string
Handmade items macramé, sewing, pottery, candles, homemade condiments, preserves and more.

Pre-loved clothing
Are you after more space in your closet?
This would be a great opportunity to clear out those items that never see the light of day anymore.
Let them become someone else's favourite piece and make space for new items to treasure.
We are seeking any clothing that is in reasonable condition. Please consider if the condition of the item is of such a standard that you would happily purchase it too.

Ride Passes
Ride passes will go on sale early next term.
Payment will once again be done via Flexi-schools. Payment can also be made at the Business Office from Monday 5 August to Friday 9 of August.
Passes can then be collected from the Ride Pass Stall located on the oval on the Shepherd's Fair day.

New Look
New Kids Craft
Pony Rides
The 'Good' Tea Room
Devine Tapas
New Games
New Layout

Shepherd's Fair Raffle
Welcome to this year’s Shepherd’s Fair Raffle. Thanks to the incredible generosity of the wonderful businesses supporting our event, we have been able to put together four fantastic prizes with a total value of over $5,000.
At $2 a ticket, and with something for everyone, we would appreciate your help in selling as many tickets as possible. Feel free to share the link far and wide.
The winners will be drawn at 5pm on Saturday 10 August and if the winners aren’t present they will be notified by phone or email. Below are details of our generous prizes that have been donated, please support them with your business as they are supporting our College.
To purchase Raffle Tickets you will need to Register using one of the following methods (please note that you will be able to bid on the Silent Auction items via this as well)

To Register via SMS
Text: shepherdsfair followed by your full name
To: +61447447549
Example: shepherdsfair John Smith
Follow the registration link you are sent from GalaBid to log in and purchase raffle tickets

To Register via browser
Follow this link
Raffle Tickets
Enter the number of tickets you would like, and click purchase
Click register and purchase now
Enter your details and click register

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