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Parents and Teachers are Partners


Students can only benefit when the College and parents work together to provide certain spiritual, moral, academic, social and behavioural values. Parents are part of the College community, just as their children are, and the expectation that parents can be actively involved in the College is a part of our ongoing commitment to holistic education.

The College and parents form an active partnership in the education of children. The College contributes educational expertise, parents bring a longer and more comprehensive knowledge of the child. In partnership the College and parents can encourage, supervise and support children through a range of activities.


Strategic Plan


Good Shepherd Lutheran College Council agreed that following the expiry of the current Strategic Plan, a continuing planned strategy needed to be formulated that will again position the school to grow and engage a positive future.

This resultant Strategic Plan 2007 - 2009 has been developed by the Good Shepherd Lutheran College Council with considerable input from the stakeholders of the school - parents, students and staff.

The Operational Plan 2007 - 2009 accompanies the Strategic Plan in its implementation.

In depth reporting of the Operational Plan against the Strategic Plan occurs to the following schedule and is core business for that month.

The following reports from the Operational Plan were posted in the College newsletter, the Shepherd's Pie.

The Communication Guidelines are the result of the August 2007 report

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