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Good Shepherd Lutheran College offers a thirteen year comprehensive education from Prep through to the end of Secondary. Some of the features of our single P-12 College community are:

  • one administration in governance and management;

  • one executive level of school decision making;

  • one centre for accounts and business matters;

  • one teaching staff across thirteen levels;

  • common use of facilities;

  • one house system for sport;

  • one body to oversee a seamless curriculum;

  • one mission statement;

  • one Parents and Friends body;

  • one annual arts festival;

  • one annual fete day: Shepherd's Fair;

  • one staff common room;

  • a daily common staff briefing;

  • one Student Representative Council;

  • a Year 7 and 8 Student Coordinator to ensure the smooth transition from Primary to Secondary schooling;

  • a single fortnightly school newsletter;

  • one co-ordinated timetable;

  • one Chaplain and a co-ordinated worship programme.

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