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The Career News is an outline of all current materials that are available at the Careers Office for perusal. It includes brochures, flyers and books regarding jobs, training courses, tertiary institutions and their open days and various other issues related to careers.

All students in Years 10, 11 and 12 and their parents are encouraged to read this information to become aware of possible materials which may be of interest to developing the students future education and or career opportunities.

The Shepherds Pie will have a brief outline of the items which appear in detail on the website in each publication.

Students may take enquiries to the Careers Office during morning and afternoon breaks, Monday to Friday or by special appointment with Mr Handreck

  Career News 14 March 2018
  Career News 28 February 2018
  Career News 14 February 2018
  Career News 31 January 2018

2017 Archives
  Career News 22 November 2017
  Career News 7 November 2017
  Career News 24 October 2017
  Career News 11 October 2017
  Career News 13 September 2017
  Career News 30 August 2017
  Career News 17 August 2017
  Career News 2 August 2017
  Career News 19 July 2017
  Career News 23 June 2017
  Career News 7 June 2017
  Career News 24 May 2017
  Career News 26 April 2017
  Career News 29 March 2017
  Career News 15 March 2017
  Career News 1 March 2017
  Career News 17 February 2017
  Career News 1 February 2017

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