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Student Led Conferences P-5
P-5 Student Led Conferences
Wednesday 26th June 3.00pm - 7.30pm and Thursday 27th June 8.30am - 5.00pm

We look forward to seeing many of our P-5 parents and students at this year’s Student Led Conferences, and enjoy seeing the children get excited about sharing their learning experiences and reflections with you.
Please note Thursday 27th is the Student Free Day at the end of this term.

The conferences will run for 30 minutes: 15 minutes where your child will take you around four curriculum stations in the classroom, followed by a 15 minute more formal conference with the teacher present. During the second 15 minutes, your child will share their work and explain what they have learnt and their learning goals for the future.

All conferences will be held in the classrooms. Please note that due to the complexities involved in the organisation of Student Led Conferences, they will only be available during the above times

Of course, as always, if you wish to schedule a meeting with your child’s teacher to discuss their progress, you can do this at any time as we have an open door policy.
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